Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Rebecca Darts

Some amazing artwork from Rebecca Dart. Check out her feed, really cool style !


I totally need a section on this blog for cute pictures, im such a sucker !

Its been a while

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Kawaii !


This is an infrared view of our closest neighbour (i say closest..its 2.5 million light years away). Andomeda Galaxy. This picture is a composite of two orbiting observatory images: the far infrared using Herschel (colored orange), and the X-ray emission using XMM-Newton (blue).

2.5million light years...that means that we're seeing light thats 2.5 million years old and if you looked back at our galaxy from Andromeda you would be looking at an Earth 2.5million years ago. Mind blowing !

Mothra !!

they dont make movie posters like they used to. Here are some of my favourite [via Monster Brains]



Here are some Czech & Polish posters for kaiju films. [via Pink Tentacle]

some of the designs are so cool ! they really have a way of creating weird monsters.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Suave Solo

Saw these photos today and had to put them to something

If you guys can think of any funny pictures to add sauve solo to, give it a go or let me know and il do it :D


I Was round a friends house a few days ago and we had decided to open up a bottle of wine noticing that we were lacking a corkscrew we went about trying other methods to get to our precious elixir. We tried using scissors and knives to cut or pull the cork out but these did not work, our next attempt was at smashing the top of the bottle off which resulted in a broken chopping board and a cut hand. In a final last ditch attempt we decided to push the cork inside the bottle.....Using a wooden spoon and the force of two dudes, we pushed as hard as we could down onto the cork which was slowly making its way inside the bottle.

Then the wine bottle freaking exploded !!  Not a tame smash either literally exploded, sent shards of splintered glass to a wide area of the room. It was unexpected to say the least (although predicted by Mike). Needless to say we didnt get to have any wine. So we celebrated the event with some champagne instead.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Illustration by Senor Salme

Oh my god i left the oven on.

Squid vs Ocotpus

Earlier last week i asked what the difference between a Squid and an Ocotpus was, apparantly they both have 8 arms but a squid has 2 tenatcles friend Mike then brought up the question of what is the difference between an arm and a tentacle ..?

Friday, 7 January 2011

Voyager 1

Just spent some time reading up on Voyager 1, a space probe that got sent out in 1977 which has almost left our solarsystem and entered deep space, so awesome. Scientists think it has enough juice to last until 2025 and it will stop transmitting back to earth in 2015 but will continue recording after it stops transmitting. At the moment it is 10.712 billion miles away from our Sun which is 0.002 lightyears, if Voyager was to travel to our nearest star (Proxima Centauri) it would take 4.2 lightyears to get there. This stuff literally blows my mind ! oh yeh and Voyager 1 is travelling at 38,185 mph...but at that speed it would take 73,600 years to reach Proxima Centauri...

Its odd when i think about Voyager 1 out there in deep space, I imagine it with human qualities on its own adventure, further than any man or machine has ever ventured into space.

Picture of Jupiter which Voyager sent back to Earth

What a cool machine

Background detail

Reblogged these backgrounds, love the detail in them. Click them to see the larger versions, its worth it !


Whats the difference between a Squid and an Octopus ?

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Time lapse video

Lake Tahoe Milky Way Night Time Lapse from Justin Majeczky on Vimeo.

Justin Majeczsky, showing the Milky Way rising over Lake Tahoe in the western US:

Solar Eclipse

Earlier today Europe, Asia, and Africa got to see a nice partial solar eclipse as the Moon passed in front of the Sun, blocking as much as 85% of the solar surface. The extraordinarily talented astrophotographer Thierry Legault traveled from his native France to the Sultanate of Oman to take pictures of the eclipse.

(click for a larger version)
The image shows three planes in space: the Sun at 150 million km, the Moon at about 400000 km and the ISS at 500 km.

What an amazing picture.

Rage comics

I swore i would resist posting memes on this blog, but this one made me laugh

Japanese Monsters

 These pictures have been reblogged from which is an amazing site dedicated to Japanese art and culture.

The pictures were taken from 'The illustrated book of Japanese monsters: 1972'
I picked out some of my favourites;

Baku - dream eating chimera
Kubiro-oni (strangler demon)
Onmoraki (bird demon)
Tengu (bird like demon)

Rokurokuri (long necked woman)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Dinosaur Superheroes

Dinosaurs dressed like super heroes ? whats not to like.

Thats a lot of nuts !

Saw this and had to post it.

Happy New Year

Brought in the new year with friends and alcohol, cant think of a better way to do it.

Not massivily fussed about this year, very lame being back in work, havent updated this blog in a while but ive collected pictures that i wanted to put on here, some funny, come cute, some cool.

Whats everyones new years resolutions ?
let me know i love hearing them.

Sad bear doesnt like January either