Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Studio Ghibli

I found out the other day that all the Studio Ghibli collection are being released on Blu-ray, which is amazing news ! watching those masterpieces in high definition will be a pleasure. Although it means buying them all again id quite happily part with the money just to have an up to date collection to one day pass down to my children ! i want my kids to grow up on Ghibli.


When i visited Japan i was lucky enough to visit a Ghibli exhibition with a lot of sketchs from all of the movies, the details each scene has are mind blowing. I came away with some postcards of different films and put them into nice frames when i returned home. Will post some pictures of the finishing product when i get in.

word on the interwebz is that the studio will producing a sequal to Porco Rosso and also an adaptation of the british novel  'The Borrowers' by Mary Norton.

The Borrower Arrietty (借りぐらしのアリエッティ Karigurashi no Arietti)
Ive had a little think about what kind of content im going to be putting on this blog. I realized that somethings that i find interesting might be a bit rubbish ! So it would be better if this blog was heading in a premeditated direction.

As my future plans go, i want to get back out to Japan hopefully to teach English out there with a company like Interac (the JET program and I had a dissagreement). Because of this i think im going to try and make this blog a document of my pursuit of a teaching career..hopefully in Japan.

Along the way i will document interesting things that might be a little off topic, but hopefully someone out there might find my ramblings and random junk interesting.

Harry Potter

I went to see Harry Potter on the weekend in the only cinema screen in Aberystwyth (Wales), which was an expierence to say the least, first time ive drank beer in the cinema ! it sounds amazing until you "break the seal" as the guy behind the bar put it, then have to continue pissing or hold it in throughout the film !

As for the film itself, wasnt very impressed the acting from the two (Harry,Hermione) was a little underwhelming and seemed stiff, Ron (Rubert Grint) was amazing. As for the content of the movie not much happend and i got rather bored, but ! One shining moment was the animated squence “Tale of the Three Brothers” about halfway through the film which was amazing.


After a little research i found out it was made  by Ben Hibon

Freak Angels


Great online graphic novel, all for free and beautifully drawn and coloured.

written by Warren Ellis (http://www.warrenellis.com/)
a great writer.


Although i am a massive fan of Japan and had the best time when i visisted around a year ago. I found this amazing article on http://www.kotaku.com/ written by a guy called Tim Rogers, links to his articles below.


another good article is this one, its a follow up to the first. Although he does go on a bit !
Amazing pictures of Japanese art, love the style that they bring to their drawings. Truly is one of my favourite places.

making cigerettes even cooler

Design Blog

found my design blog from my last year in university. Produced a DVD for a film called 'One Night in Aachen' which is now actually called 'Aachen Open', i think. It was a film based around a person called Joey Goole, one of the record holders for blind folded Rubix solving.


Getting a hard copy of the film soon so i can actually produce some finalized DVD's.

thought i would post the blog on here because its quite interesting to see the route i took design wise. Havnt made anything like this recently but going on work on my website over the next few weeks.


feel guilty everytime i type in capitals, like im shouting at the internet.

these pictures were stolen from a cool blog http://www.pinktentacle.com/ so i take no credit whatsoever for finding them. Just wanted to repost because they're cool. Theres a lot of cool stuff on that website, based around Japanese culture. Go check it out.

These Ultra Monster illustrations by Toshio Okazaki are from 'The Return of Ultraman' sonosheet book (Volume 1) published by Elm in 1971.

Stuck in work, tired and bored. I am thankful for such interesting sites as http://www.cracked.com/

the articles on there help me whittle away the hours of the day.
heres some interesting ones ive read recently



registered a new domain last night, http://www.doingkermit.com/.

its replacing my old one because it used my name in the address, decided i didnt want it coming up on google straight away using my own name, although im sure they internet police are tracking me already, im followed by a white van which emits modem noises daily.

Need to find the other blogs i made while studying so i can post them up on here.

Also added my youtube videos to the side so check them out. Mostly random stuff on there, some work i did for university. My friends currently undertaking a project on World Of Warcraft and is making informational videos or as he likes to call em' VLOGS!!! can find a link to his stuff here;


Monday, 29 November 2010


Snows still sticking around after it came on friday, apparantly tuesday night is going to bring more of it.

Snow did used to be exciting due to the fact that it brings the possibility of missing school, but now its just an annoyance, makes me late for everything. Although everything does look very pretty and its hard to resist the onset of a christmassy feeling when everything looks so cold and uninviting, except a cozy chair in my house.


Basically set this blog up around the name Doing Kermit, which was a 4 piece band i was part of in highschool, going to be setting up a website based around the band and other interesting things soon, like songs we had recorded and such ! Our main inspiration would probably be Blink 182, im not ashamed to say it.

Found out that Blink 182 are playing Cardiff in July. Would love to get tickets but cant bank on still being around in Cardiff when they play.

release the new album already !

Was thinking about this the other day, Blinks break up was probably a good thing. their breakdown lead to Boxcar Racer and then Mark and Travis went on to start +44, their album was amazing. Shame about angels and airwaves but we all know Tom Delongue is a bit of a spoon these days.

Wonder what the new tours going to be like, i wasnt happy with their performace on that awards show a couple of months ago.

High hopes for the new album, hurry up guys.

Scott Raynor, Mark Hoppus, Tom delonge