Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Harry Potter

I went to see Harry Potter on the weekend in the only cinema screen in Aberystwyth (Wales), which was an expierence to say the least, first time ive drank beer in the cinema ! it sounds amazing until you "break the seal" as the guy behind the bar put it, then have to continue pissing or hold it in throughout the film !

As for the film itself, wasnt very impressed the acting from the two (Harry,Hermione) was a little underwhelming and seemed stiff, Ron (Rubert Grint) was amazing. As for the content of the movie not much happend and i got rather bored, but ! One shining moment was the animated squence “Tale of the Three Brothers” about halfway through the film which was amazing.


After a little research i found out it was made  by Ben Hibon

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