Monday, 29 November 2010


Basically set this blog up around the name Doing Kermit, which was a 4 piece band i was part of in highschool, going to be setting up a website based around the band and other interesting things soon, like songs we had recorded and such ! Our main inspiration would probably be Blink 182, im not ashamed to say it.

Found out that Blink 182 are playing Cardiff in July. Would love to get tickets but cant bank on still being around in Cardiff when they play.

release the new album already !

Was thinking about this the other day, Blinks break up was probably a good thing. their breakdown lead to Boxcar Racer and then Mark and Travis went on to start +44, their album was amazing. Shame about angels and airwaves but we all know Tom Delongue is a bit of a spoon these days.

Wonder what the new tours going to be like, i wasnt happy with their performace on that awards show a couple of months ago.

High hopes for the new album, hurry up guys.

Scott Raynor, Mark Hoppus, Tom delonge

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