Friday, 3 December 2010


So the Nasa announcement happend last night. To sum it up, they basically found another variation to the building blocks of life. Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur and Phosphorus. Phosphorus works as the girders in DNA structuring giving the DNA stability and in turn the exsistance of life. Wolfe Simon and her team investigated whether Phosphorus could be replaced with a similar compound, Arsenic is directly below Phosphorus on the periodic table so has very similar properties. Her team headed to California's Mono Lake near Yosemite National Park. Mono Lake is an incredibly unusual ecosystem, with three times the amount of salt as seawater and, crucially, it's poor in phosphorus and rich in arsenic. Despite this, life thrives in Mono Lake, and so the team collected some microbe-rich mud and took it back to the lab. What they found was that Arsenic had substituted for phosphorus as the backbone of the microbe's DNA, fulfilling one of life's most critical functions. So basically changing the way in which we knew life could be created. Which in turns expands the possibilities and the chances of life on other planets.

Its not cool actual aliens which some people first thought but when you think about it, this discovery opens up even more possibilities of life developing somewhere else in the universe. Greatly increasing the chances of super hot arsenic based alien babes.

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  1. @Come At Me Bro, Thanks ! shame it wasnt intelligent life though ! Follow me, il return some love.

  2. I do believe there is intelligent life in space.
    But our Earth is still somewhat unexplored. Baby steps is what I say.

  3. @Memeaday Shame we'll never see contact in our lifetimes but its nice to know it will happen one day !

  4. Thanks for the comments ! first ones, woop !