Monday, 7 February 2011


Took my telescope out for the first time tonight, i have a Skywatcher Dobsonian 10", after plenty of research i decided it was the best choice for me and what i wanted to look at. Managed to get a peek at the crescent moon for a little bit before it disappeared, the detail on it was greater than i imagined cannot wait to see what a full moon looks like. Also honed my sights in on Betelgeuse (The supernovae waiting to happen) which had a golden twinkle in the night sky. What a great night, can only imagine what kind of things i'l be able to see on a clearer night or in an area of low light pollution.

Took a couple of pictures just to test out long exposures and my tripod. The camera im using is a Nikon D70 SLR. I took pictures of the Orion constellation because it was the most visible from where i was. You can see all the light pollution seeping up from Cardiff, but it does make for a nice effect.

Il post more pictures and videos up on here once i get the chance to get out there a bit more !

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